Scientific American Magazine Vol 328 Issue 5

Scientific American

Volume 328, Issue 5

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Better Bus Systems Could Slow Climate Change

Electric cars alone can’t solve our emissions problem

Synthetic Morphology Lets Scientists Create New Life-Forms

The emerging field of synthetic morphology bends boundaries between natural and artificial life

How Much Does 'Nothing' Weigh?

The Archimedes experiment will weigh the void of empty space to help solve a big cosmic puzzle

How Social Turmoil Has Increased Witch Hunts throughout History

Vicious attacks on women often accompany economic upheavals

Citizen Science Art Showcases Jupiter's Beauty

Jupiter shines in images made by citizen scientists using data from NASA’s Juno probe

The Six Moons Most Likely to Host Life in Our Solar System

Vast quantities of liquid water may exist on moons of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, making life possible there, too

At Jupiter, JUICE and Clipper Will Work Together in Hunt for Life

A new European mission is the first of two spacecraft—with the other coming from NASA—that will hunt for signs of habitability on Jupiter’s icy moons


False 'Facts' about Science and Social Security Share Origins
New Technique Can Map Ocean Plastics from Space
Dried-Up Lagoon Is 'Time Analog' for Martian Life
Mapping Arctic Foxes' Spectacular Solo Journeys
Plankton Generate a Cloudy Shield over the Antarctic
Scientists Create Cyborg Bacteria
Bionic Finger 'Sees' Inside Objects by Poking Them
Plant Cell Parts Turn into Glass to Soak Up Sun
Science News Briefs from around the World: May 2023
A Famed Dolphin-Human Fishing Partnership Is in Danger of Disappearing
Do Trees Really Support Each Other through a Network of Fungi?
From the Editor
New Understandings of Witch Trials, Synthetic Morphology and the Moons of Jupiter
50, 100 & 150 Years Ago
50, 100 & 150 Years Ago: May 2023
The Connection between Allergies and Climate Change
Readers Respond to the January 2023 Issue
Graphic Science
Dog Genetics Reveal Surprising Relationships among Breeds
The Science of Health
You Don't Really Need 10,000 Daily Steps to Stay Healthy
Poem: 'Confluence'
The Universe
The Asteroid Blast That Shook the World Is Still Making an Impact
Mind Matters
At a Haunted House, Friends Heighten the Terror
How Stochastic Terrorism Uses Disgust to Incite Violence
How Scientists Are Using AI to Talk to Animals
The Science Agenda
The U.S. Needs a Formal Reckoning on the COVID Pandemic